February 23, 2020

This Week in Crestwood Baseball: Week of February 24th

Final Forms Requirements Prior to Practice:
Both parents and players need to login in to Final Forms and verify that every student-athlete has:
  1. Valid Physical
  2. Signed Forms by Parents
  3. Signed Forms by Players
Of the 31 players on Final Forms we need following submitted:
  • 5 Expired Physicals (down from 8)
  • 3 Unsigned Student Form
  • 1 Unsigned Parent Form
Our official start is Monday, February 24th. We will practice 6 days/week around the High School Boys Varsity Basketball Schedule and other gym conflicts. Practices will be anywhere from 2-3 hours long and will take place in the High School, Outside and at Kent State's Fieldhouse. Players need to be prepared to be outdoors every single day - Rain is in the forecast but the early week forecast shows a few days in the upper 40's it is possible we could be outdoors. Since our practice shirts are not in players will wear a certain color shirt each to practice in. Players should also wear baseball pants with a belt (preferably) but can also wear sweatpants or athletic pants. No player should be practicing in jeans or shorts. Practice plans will be made available to players on our Google Classroom page.
Monday: Red Shirt
Tuesday: Black Shirt
Wednesday: Gray Shirt
Thursday: White Shirt
Friday: Red Shirt
Saturday: Senior's Choose
Winter Sport Athletes:
Best of luck to all our basketball players, bowlers and wrestlers as they move on to the post-season! We all wish you the best of luck and stay healthy :) Once their season is completed they can begin practice. If players need some time off please communicate with me so can know when to expect them at practice.
NATR/Fundraising Meeting:
11/31 families have completed our Night at the Races Survey, if you have not done so please do so ASAP. We will have another meeting to discuss planning it on Tuesday, February 25th 7:30PM High School Cafe for those who wish to help. Thanks to all who have been attending, we have been making huge progress but still have a ways to go.
We currently have 55/200 tickets confirmed, 42/100 horses sponsored, and 7/11 races sponsored.
Practice and Game Schedule:
Our practice schedule and game schedules are available on Google Calendar.
Player Pre-Season Questionnaire:
14/31 players have submitted the 2020 Crestwood Baseball Pre-Season Questionnaire, if have not done so please complete prior to first official day of practice on Monday, February 24th.
CASB Concessions Friday, February 28th:
The Boosters offered $150 to any program willing to work the Varsity Boys Basketball Playoff game on Friday at 7:00. It is one game, would need volunteers there by 6:15. I will be there to help and am looking for at least two more volunteers.
Team Meals:
We will begin holding team meals every 1-2 weeks starting Wednesday, March 4th 5:30-6:00 before our practice. Cheryl Bascombe created a Signup Genius for us that should be able to click on the link and sign up for what you can bring that week. Its first time using this so if there is an issue with link pleaser let me know.
Baseball Belts, Socks and Pants:
These need to be purchased by families if they have already not done do. We wear red belts, red socks and solid white pants (no color line down leg) for both JV and Varsity.
Team Spirit Wear:
These are items that players must purchase. I have not heard back from our vendor on costs yet but we will reuse last years hats for returning players; only new players will need to purchase one. Spirit wear includes:
  1. Hat (new players only)
  2. 3/4 sleeve shirt (1)
  3. Practice Shorts (1)
  4. Practice Shirt (1)
  5. Game Day Shirts (2)
Free College Recruiting Showcase:
Our District qualifies for sending three (3) players to a free college showcase on June 29th at Baldwin Wallace University run my My Inner Warrior. First come, first serve - if interested please let me know and I'll need additional information, at this point no one has asked.
Lakeside Sand & Gravel Donation:
Melanie Daniels was able to get our program a donation from Lakeside Sand & Gravel to pay for Gatorade and snacks for our team bus trips to away games. Huge thanks to Melanie and Lakeside, this will save us hundreds of dollars this spring!
Catching Equipment Clarification:
If your son is a catcher the chest protector equipment is no longer compliant and will need a new set that is NOCSAE certified. Every piece of equipment must be NOCSAE certified, some helmets and shin guards are already but the old chest protectors most likely are not. CASB has agreed to purchase two sets for the program for players to use this spring.
Important Dates:
Monday, February 24th: First Official Day of Practice
Monday, February 24th: All Final Forms Due
Tuesday, February 25th: NATR Fundraising Meeting 7:30 HS Cafe
Wednesday, March 4th: Team Dinner 5:30-6:00 HS Cafe
Monday, March 9th: Winter Sports Awards 6:00
Thursday, March 12th: Snap! Raise Fundraising Player Meeting - players must bring 20 emails, more details to come
Monday, March 16th: Spring Season Pictures 3:00 in HS gym
Monday, March 16th: Spring Season OHSAA Meeting 6:30 in HS gym
Friday, March 20th: End of 3rd MP (Eligibility Cutoff)
Friday, March 20th: Spring PTP $200 is due 
Friday, March 20th: Night at the Races
Saturday, March 28th: Official Season Begins
Saturday, April 11th: Chipotle Fundraiser 4:00-8:00PM Streetsboro Location